Agir pour la Paix

Peace and reconciliation with women

There have been many cases of human rights violations, killings, sexual violence and gender-based violence. And it is the woman who is the great victim.

The current context of Mali reinforces more than ever the need for women to play a positive role in the consolidation of peace, reconciliation and national unity that are prerequisites for any process of sustainable development.


There are many forms of charity to do. You can contribute cash, but you can still contribute by little things such as pants, shirts. You can send them to the charity or self-organized a group to bring what you contributed to a difficult region. From the smallest ones, we can make their lives become better. Moreover, you can organize events to call on donate from philanthropists.

Because the return of peace in Mali deserves the involvement of everyone, we involve our members our volunteers in initiatives of reconciliation. Since women are better placed than anyone to bring peace, reconciliation and social cohesion, they follow trainings to immerse themselves in values of peaceful struggle to bring lasting peace to Mali. Our trainings allow women to contribute their knowledge and know-how to an awareness at first local, then national and international, because their desire is to see grow their children in a healthy environment, without division of populations or communities, nor war.


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